I learned to ride as a 4 year old and always felt horses were in my blood despite being the only family member to have such a passion. I went on to learn to a professional level but was never lucky enough to have my own pony until I was 19 when I bought my soul-mate horse.  I now have 2 horses and enjoy my riding.

I spent 18 years as a teacher before retraining as a sports therapist which then allowed me to train in my dream job as an equine sports therapist with Equi-TherapyUK. I have now been qualified for 3 years and have more recently carried out additional training to become an Equi-TherapyUK tutor.

I have a vast experience of horses and I’m now also involved in bringing horses on, teaching riding lessons and some equine rehabilitation work as well as judging for local riding shows. I have built up a large client base of both human and horse clients often combining horse and rider treatments.

I love my job and the results my work gets. I’m proud to be part of such a strong and well-trained team as that of Equi-TherapyUK.

Amy Jones