What makes Equi-Therapy UK different?

Our Equine Sports Massage Diploma course offers a unique one-to-one hands-on approach, tailoring your education to suit your needs.  All of our tutors are practising equine therapists in their own right and all have obtained the ETUK Diploma at Distinction level. We pride ourselves on offering a friendly and sympathetic environment for learning and specialise in students with learning difficulties. We believe that support is the key and therefore student support is guaranteed, before, during and after qualification.  We feel this is one of the most important aspects of the educational process and will be on-going.

Our ETUK Diagnostic Assessments are unique to us and form the foundation of our Diploma course.  Without these skills of observation and assessment, where would you start?  It has been proven time and time again that our tests are indeed accurate and therefore ensuring that every horse gains the very best treatment for his/her needs.  Learn to problem solve not symptom treat, that’s our motto!  Remember: we always follow the Veterinary Act 1966 and although we use diagnostic testing for our own assessment purposes, we are not ‘diagnosing’ a condition or ailment in any way, we are merely locating a start point.

What comes after Equi-Therapy UK graduation?

Once qualified all graduates will become Qualified ETUK Therapists and will be listed on our ETUK Equi-Therapist Register.  This register will be held & accessed by Equi-Therapy UK only for compliance with GDPR regulations.  We also offer opportunities for ETUK Graduates who reach Distinction level to become Registered ETUK Tutors. This will provide the resources to teach, under the ETUK banner, the one-day Equine Massage Certificate and/or the Equine Sports Massage Diploma.  Further ‘in-house’ training will be required for those interested in this aspect of Equi-Therapy UK.

How long has Equi-Therapy UK been established?

Equi-Therapy UK was first established in the year 2000.  The Equine Sports Massage Diploma was our flagship course and is still our primary focus.  The Diploma course (launched in 2004) was followed by the Equine Massage Certificate training course in 2007 and continues to attract horse owners wanting to learn basic massage techniques for use on their horses.

Still not convinced…?

Equi-Therapy UK is recognised as one of the very best, if not THE best, training establishment in the UK today.  We have produced over 500 of the highest quality Equine Sports Massage Therapists throughout the UK and across the world.  Many of them have established highly successful Equine Sports Massage businesses in their own right and have clients across all equine disciplines, from local to international levels.

 Are you interested in a career in Equine Sports Massage Therapy?

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