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Equine Sports Massage Diploma

This five-day intensive course is for Post-Graduates and open to qualified Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Osteopaths, BHS Stage holders up to & including Stage IV & Degree holders in Equine or Human Sports Science (other relevant qualifications may be considered).  It is taught uniquely on a one-to-one basis followed by in-depth case studies for three to six months.  Students are required to have a good knowledge and experience of various equine disciplines and to demonstrate dedication to succeed; you will also require to be physically fit in order to undertake the various techniques taught during the course.


The course will cover Equine Anatomy & Physiology, ETUK Diagnostic Testing, Sports & Remedial Massage Techniques & Contraindications, Trigger/Pressure Point Work, Soft Tissue Release along with Pre & Post Competition Massage, Passive Stretching & Mobilising Routines.  Business Planning & Marketing are also discussed throughout the duration of the course.


Students will be expected to study and produce typed essays on Equine Anatomy (Muscular & Skeletal), Skin, Circulatory, Lymphatic, Respiratory and Digestive, Systems before commencement of the course.  These essays will form part of the final portfolio. During the initial five days there is continued practical hands-on experience, which will be invaluable to the successful completion of the course.  On the final day students are expected to complete a 2½-hour written paper together with a practical examination and viva voce.


After these initial study days a comprehensive portfolio must be submitted, within three to six months, for final assessment.  Students will also be required to produce a 3-5000 word ‘Case Study Report’ outlining, in detail, a chosen case study in order to be awarded the qualification and insurance details. The portfolio must contain written and photographic evidence of 10 equine case studies.  It also should include the typed essays produced for the pre-course homework & Case Study Report.



Course Duration: 400 hours (max.) including home study


  • Home study (as noted above):

  • Theory & Practical sessions 10:00am to 4:30pm (approximately).

  • In the Field – Hands-On experience with Gilliyan Carter-Morgan (Principal Tutor) or ETUK Registered Tutor according to venue.

  • This is a Practitioner course & once complete you will be able to practise as a fully qualified & insured ETUK Equine Sports Massage Therapist.


In addition to a comprehensive training manual students will also be given access to Equi-Therapy UK's Student Support website (members only). This site contains documents, videos and specific instruction on techniques and is available to students during the period up to their successful graduation. Access to more personal support during the course, following completion and during the home study period will also be available since Equi-Therapy UK aims to produce the highest quality therapists that are both happy and confident in their ability to practice successully.



Students passing the Diploma course "with Distinction" may be considered for further training to enable them to become an Equi-Therapy UK Registered Tutor. For more information please contact Gilliyan.

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