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More About Deep Oscillation

The following is an edited extract from PhysioPod's own website explaining how this treatment became available to the UK equestrian and canine world.


"Gilliyan Carter-Morgan Equi-Therapy UK becomes the first equine therapist in the UK to discovers the effects of DEEP OSCILLATION®  Gilliyan is a Specialist Equine/Human Massage Therapist who works with treatments that include remedial massage, therapeutic Ultrasound and ice/heat therapies.  Gilliyan is a highly recognised provider of Equine Sports Massage Therapy and successfully evolved the 'Equine Massage Certificate' training programme to individuals in 2005 complimenting the already established 'Diploma in Equine Sports Massage'. [Following a demonstration of the PhysioPod by Julie]  Gilliyan was excited to feel a difference in the horse's tissue within minutes of use and was happy to continue the 30 minute programme to Buggy's hip and leg.  She felt differences in the horse without having to perform her usual techniques that can involve a lot of strength and bodywork. The following week Gilliyan acquired a DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal for herself and Julie received the following initial feedback:


"What can I say, the machine is amazing - the horse I treated on Sunday can bend right round to touch his quarters equally both sides!  On Saturday he couldn't even move his head let alone bend his neck....!  Great result.  I also treated his owners left arm, who can't believe the results!  I'm so pleased I took the time to see you last week. The two horses & one human that I've used it on so far have shown massive improvements.  The Irish Show jumping horse with the jarred shoulder had a fantastic lesson today & jumped out of his skin, the best in a long time.  His rider, Sue, has a much improved left arm with no pain or tightness felt since the treatment last Sunday, she just now wants her right arm treating to match!  And today I went to the Equine Spa at Flawborough where I treated a pony with severe lumbar issues & the improvement was instant.  He has had massage & acupuncture too but the result from the DOM was outstanding.."................


Under the supervision of veterinary surgeon, Matthew Barlow of Home Farm Equine, Nottinghamshire & Emma Hawthorne of Flawborough Equine & Hydrotherapy Centre, Nottinghamshire DEEP OSCILLATION® Therapy was used on everything from tendon strains to haematomas, post-op surgeries & scar tissue, the results were outstanding. Horses responded extremely well to this form of therapy, even those that seem fearful of clippers had no issue with DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy.  Owners have seen swellings reduce with only one application & even splints have been successfully dispersed.  The therapy has been extremely beneficial in the rehabilitation of tendon injuries with impressive results in a matter of weeks.


CANINE treatments followed with Gilliyan Carter-Morgan...

With the success of her equine treatments using DEEP OSCILLATION® Gilliyan now offers the same therapy for dogs after she was approached in 2009 by Jackie Siddy (client) whose dog was suffering with scoliosis of the spine.  Both Jackie & her veterinary surgeon were very keen for Gilliyan to use the DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy.  The results were truely amazing.....


Many UK equine/canine therapists have followed in Gilliyan's fotsteps.....Gilliyan has taught many equine therapists and horse owners how to get the best out of DEEP OSCILLATION and now offers training in Nottingham and includes DEEP OSCILLATION in her Equine Sports Massage Diploma courses."

With thanks to PhysioPod for their recognition of our  "Equi-Therapy™ UK Deep Oscillation" training module.                                                           Equi-Therapy™ UK

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