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"Learn how to problem solve NOT symptom treat"

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This five-day intensive course is designed specifically for those already qualified as Human Sports, Remedial or Holistic Massage Therapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, or for people with an Equine/Human Sports Science Degree plus an in-depth knowledge of Equine Anatomy.  The course is taught on a one-to-one basis followed by a selection of case studies for three/six months, plus one further, in-depth, case study report.  It is open to both human and/or equine qualified applicants although other qualifications may be considered.

This one-day intensive equine massage course is designed specifically for the horse owner who wishes to learn and utilise basic massage and stretching techniques to improve the overall maintenance and performance of their own horse. In addition to hands-on practical work, the course also provides a comprehensive workbook and a certificate of attendance. No qualifications are required in order to attend this course.

Equine Sports Massage Diploma (ESMT Dip)

(Post Graduate Professional Course)

Equine Massage Certificate

(One Day Horse-Owner Course)

EMC Certificate NEXT Diploma Certificate


Equi-Therapy™ UK prides itself on providing the very best training in Equine Sports and Remedial Massage available in the UK today.  Since the year 2000 we have attracted students from all over the world as we offer a unique format and a diagnostic, hands-on approach. We offer five superb training venues where we can guarantee an environment suited to practical learning. Tutors are ETUK Diploma students who graduated with distinction and who have also had many years of equine therapy practise and have the highest level of knowledge for delivery our courses.


There are other courses claiming to offer similar training but Equi-TherapyUK provides the gold standard against which all other training should be measured. The course is not suitable for anyone that does not already hold an appropriate post-graduate level qualification since it requires pre-existing knowledge of anatomy, physiology and rehabilition techniques (human or canine equivalent accepted also). The Diploma course is taught on a one-to-one  basis and the high entry level qualification ensures that no time is wasted on covering basic subject matter - your training begins with a review of your current status and procedes immediately from there. In addition Equi-TherapyUK is the only training organisation that is able to offer comprehensive and approved diagnostic testing methods within the Diploma course. Other related career development courses are provided regularly through Equi-TherapyUK including saddle fitting guidance, Myofascial Release and Deep Oscillation Therapy.

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